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So then I sat on a stage and talked about fanfic.


Day one of the con was amazing! First thing right off the bat (well, after nervous sushi eating) was the Writing AU panel, on which I was a panelist, along with berlynn_wohl (whose name I never realized was a pun on the Berlin Wall because I read that w as a v because it looks like German), thisprettywren, roane, and argyle4eva. People from the internet are also people not from the internet! Who knew?! That was so much fun. Talked about how I accidentally’d robot AU without knowing anything about robots, also flailed over bendingsignpost’s and havingbeenbreathedout’s fic and explained the squirrel AU. Also werecock. I should perhaps have mentioned that I was in the chat that initially came up with werecock, though I didn’t write any of it. Poke me if you want links to squirrels and werecock; they’re languishing on the kinkmeme. People asked awesome questions, I said things I wanted to say, and it all went very well. 

Saw the Caitlin Obom concert afterwards, which was awesome. It gave me fandom feels and con feels, and Caitlin is hilarious and very nice.

Went to the podfic panel, which was fun despite the fact that I have no intention of doing podfic (I like to listen, though!).

Missed the cosplay contest in favor of doing a writing workshop, which was fun, especially because it was nice to hang out with people in a less large and less on stage group. Also missed the beginning of Scandal in Belgravia in favor of eating food and having conversations about fanfic possibly not appropriate for a restaurant. :D

The best part of watching Sherlock on the big screen with 200 other Sherlock geeks is (aside from Martin Freeman’s giant hilarious facial expressions) seeing which things everybody makes noise over in advance. Like UMQRA.

Photos tomorrow, once I take some. :D

You all really exist! And understand the same obscure references to Sherlock things! Over 200 people, all in on the same inside jokes! Possibly the world is going to implode. But in a good way.

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